Vision Statement:

To encourage and empower teen girls to be Successful, Ambitious, Limitless, and Talented. (SALT)


Our mission is to actively participate and provide opportunities that develop confidence and character in teen girls to pursue academic success, to promote social competence, and to persevere in following their dreams.

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During a discussion with my spiritual leader, he said although at times we may feel offended or bruised by the actions of others or the world itself, we should always remember to be the salt of the world.  At that time, he placed a package of salt into my hand and asked that I keep it in my wallet.  Bewildered, I asked him what was the significance of me placing the package of salt into my wallet.  His response was that the symbolic meaning of the salt serves a twofold purpose - it represents a continuous overflow of finances and it represents one’s value to society.  Being a child of God and respecting his request, I placed the packet of salt into the coin section of my wallet. 


A few days later, I was listening to Bishop T.D. Jakes on the WORD network channel.  Bishop Jakes said something that stuck with me.  His words were that “you cannot be a trendsetter if you are traceable.”  I thought to myself, “Wow, how deep is that!”  I was amazed by this statement.  Suddenly, it became clear in my mind and in my spirit that I was formed not to be an ordinary being, but a fearfully and wonderfully being created to share knowledge, compassion, and motivation in a unique way.


While feeling jubilant about my new sense of purpose, the packet of salt returned to my mind.  I could not understand why I began to think of the salt packet in my moment of being spiritually-connected with my inner self.  I asked myself, “What is the connection between my inspiring moment of purpose and the salt packet?”  As a warm sensation came over me, the answer was given to me.  I knew deep inside that it was God speaking to my inner spirit.  He revealed to me the meaning of the word “salt” as He wanted me to understand it.  As tears began to stream down my face, I began to speak the word chosen for each letter as it was divinely given to me.  After speaking each word aloud, I was filled with great joy, and at that moment, I began to worship and give God praise for planting this seed within me. 


So, on October 19, 2015, Sisters Anointed to Lead Together (SALT) was birthed.  Therefore, because of my encounter with God on this day, I will continue to praise Him for the manifestation of this vision.

Syntoria L. Spencer
Executive Director

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Board of Directors:

Sonja Mattress - President

Neibra C. Williams, Esq. - Vice President

Teressa Parker - Secretary

Justin Ward - Treasurer


Advisory Board:

Samantha Dunlap

Katrina Helton

Kayrn Reddick

Allison Roberts

Marcia Williams